General Dermatology

We treat all general dermatological conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, & more.

Chickenpox – myths & facts

What is chickenpox? Is there any treatment for chickenpox? Is there a vaccine that can give lifetime protection from this disease? Read on to clear all these doubts.

How to use UV Index for sun protection?

The UV Index provides the expected risk of over-exposure to the sun. It is a useful tool to help general public to take steps to reduce ultraviolet radiation exposure.

How to reduce a keloid scar?

What is a keloid scar? How does a keloid scar develop? Read on to know the most common treatment options for minimising a hypertrophic or keloid scar.

Why do I sweat too much?

When should sweating be called excessive? What are the causes of too much sweat? When should one consult a doctor for excessive sweating?

What is xanthelasma?

What is xanthelasma? What causes xanthelasma? How is it treated? Read our article to know all about these harmless patches that develop around the eyes.

Points to remember before getting a tattoo

What is a tattoo? Can tattoos cause allergic reactions? Who should avoid getting a tattoo? In this article, we share a few tips that you must remember before getting a tattoo.

How effective are anti-ageing creams?

Most of the anti-ageing creams in market make boastful claims to “erase wrinkles in matter of days”. Are they really that effective? What should be our expectations from anti-ageing creams?

How to choose an anti ageing cream?

What are the common ingredients present in anti ageing creams? Which one is the most effective? What factors should we consider while choosing an anti ageing cream?

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