General Dermatology

We treat all general dermatological conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, & more.

Do’s & Don’ts to delay skin ageing

Can we delay skin ageing? What changes can we make in our day to day life to help looking young forever? What are the habits we need to change to avoid ageing?

Skin care tips for rainy season

How to take care of your skin during the rainy season? What are the common skin problems during the monsoon months? Read on to know our skin care tips to enjoy the blissful rainy season without worry.

Skin care tips for oily skin

Is excessive face washing useful in oily skin? Which face cleansers are recommended? Which type of products to avoid? We discuss a few tips.

Top 7 summer skin care tips

How to keep your skin healthy in summers? Do you need moisturisers in summers? Which sunscreen to use? Here are our skin care tips for you.

Top 10 tips to get rid of acne

Here we discuss some common skin care tips for acne prone skin, which would help you control and prevent acne flares and blemishes.

Skin care tips for Holi

Playing Holi with colors and gulal is fun but also affects your skin, nails and hair. To ensure your safety, we share with you a few skin care tips to enjoy this Holi without any worries.

Leprosy: what everyone should know

What is leprosy? How does leprosy spread? Is there a treatment for leprosy? We’ll explain what you (& everyone) should know about leprosy in the simplest of articles ever written on this topic.

What are skin types?

Every skin is specific, and knowledge of your skin type determines its needs. a basic knowledge of skin types helps you to choose the best skin care and cosmetic products for yourself.

Are skin tags dangerous?

Skin tags are invariably harmless tumors of the skin that cause no symptoms and do not become cancerous if left untreated. Most patients want them removed because of their cosmetic unacceptably.

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