We specialise in the treatment of hair and scalp disorders like hair fall, dandruff, & more.

Gray hair – is there any cure?

Hair turns white or gray when the pigment-producing cells or melanocytes stop producing pigment. If gray hair occur in early age, it is called premature graying of hair or canities.

What is keratin hair straightening?

What is the difference between keratin hair straightening & hair rebonding? How to choose which technique would better suit your hair straightening needs? This article help you out.

Hair straightener irons: what you need to know

Use of thermal appliances is a very popular technique for hair straightening. Flat iron is the most popular hair straightener device. If used incorrectly or too frequently, hot devices can have damaging effect on your hair.

Is using a hair oil really beneficial?

Does hair oil make your hair grow faster, thicker, lustrous or even decrease hair loss? This article provides you with all the facts & busts all the myths.

Hair care tips for rainy season

How to take care of your hair during the rainy season? What are the common hair problems during the monsoon months? Read on to know our hair care tips to sail happily through this rainy season.

Hair care tips for summers

Exposure to the harsh rays of sun in summers makes your hair lose their lustre, colour and strength. Read on to know all about caring for your hair in summers.

Henna (‘mehndi’) as a hair dye

What is henna (mehndi)? What is the difference between mehndi & hair dyes? Can mehndi also cause allergic reactions? Read on to know all about it.

The different types of hair dyes

if you are going to dye your hair, which type should you choose? Do you know the difference between permanent & temporary hair dyes? Which hair dyes cause allergic reactions? Read to know everything!

Understanding dandruff: basic concepts

What is dandruff? What Causes Dandruff? How Can I Treat Dandruff? This article will help you understand all this, and help you in tackling those dry, white flakes of skin you brush off your collar or shoulders.

Hair fall: how much is too much?

While hair fall is a common condition, most people aren’t sure as to how much hair fall should be considered worrisome & worth going to a doctor. Many causes of hair fall resolve on their own & don’t need a visit to your doctor.

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