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Understanding dandruff: basic concepts

What is dandruff? What Causes Dandruff? How Can I Treat Dandruff? This article will help you understand all this, and help you in tackling those dry, white flakes of skin you brush off your collar or shoulders.

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PRP for hair loss & baldness: does it work?

What is PRP therapy? Can it help in the treating baldness? How safe & costly is PRP? Read on to know all about this new treatment modality.

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White spots on skin: myths & facts about vitiligo

Is there any treatment for white patches on my skin? Are they contagious? Will my children get them too? Should I avoid any food items? Read on to find all the answers.

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Nail polish: tips from a cosmetic dermatologist

What is the correct way to apply nail polish? What are the side effects? Which nail polish products are better? We discuss all these concerns in this article.

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Hair care tips after using hair color or dye

What special care do I need to take for my colored hair? How frequently should I wash them? What should I avoid? Here are our tips to help you take care after using hair color.

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Chickenpox – myths & facts

What is chickenpox? Is there any treatment for chickenpox? Is there a vaccine that can give lifetime protection from this disease? Read on to clear all these doubts.

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